This web site has been created to provide easy access to the raw data and index estimates derived from the scientific surveys carried out by Ifremer along the French coasts.

All data made available have passed rigorous quality checks. However, as the reliability of results interpretations depends directly on the data used, users are cordially invited to study carefully the survey and quality check protocols.

Each survey is carried out using a specific sampling design. Data analyses and interpretation of each time series must therefore take into account the sampling designs. The data are presented by survey series on the web site.

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The species codes used in the data tables are those of the taxinomic reference file of the Système d'informations halieutiques de l'Ifremer (

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Survey description

Survey protocol handbooks for each survey time series.


All surveys presented on this web site were conducted by Ifremer and have received financial support from a variety of sources. After initially having been funded by Ifremer three of the surveys are now part of the European Data Collection Framework (DCF); this concerns IBTS, Evhoe, Medits and PELGAS. Two other surveys remain entirely funded by Ifremer: NourVil and CGFS (discussions to include this survey in the DCF are underway). For NourSein, the last three surveys were funded by GIP-Seine Aval. Finally, Crustaflam and NourSomme are entirely funded by EDF within a program of coastal monitoring of nuclear power plants and carried out by Ifremer. This web site has received the financial support of the French ministry for ecology, sustainable development, transport and housing (MEEDDM) (contract Ifremer-MEEDDM 2010). Pour calculating indices for the North Sea the data from all contributing nations was used; it is available in the Datras data base held by ICES (

Group members

The results presented on this web site are the fruit of an internal Ifremer working group which has been active since 2001 with the objective of developing population and community indicators for the survey data collected since the end of the 1970s along the French coasts. The main group members are (by Ifremer location and in alphabetical order): Florence Sanchez (Anglet), Franck Coppin, Sandrine Vaz and Yves Vérin (Boulogne-sur-mer), André Battaglia and Jean-Pierre Léauté (L'Houmeau), Erwan Duhamel, Jean-Claude Mahé and Michèle Salaun (Lorient), Jacques Bertrand, Anik Brind'Amour, Yves Désaunay, Mathieu Doray, Pascal Laffargue, Olivier Le Pape, Jérémy Lobry, Pascal Lorance, Jean-Charles Poulard, Marie-Joëlle Rochet and Verena Trenkel (Nantes), Marie-Laure Cochard, Jocelyne Morin and Ivan Schlaich (Port-en-Bessin), Angélique Jadaud and Arnaud Souplet (Sète). The quality process is managed by Vincent Badts. The data-processing is supported by Olivier Berthelé.

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